We are asking for donations for two purposes.

First, there’s our good friends at Tasmanian Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in the Huon Valley. They always need help with medical treatment and desexing of the animals they look after. If you can throw them a few brass razoos, please do so. Alternatively, if you live near by, you can adopt a rescued animal and reduce their workload while gaining a friend. Or if you just want to show Saint Dougal’s how it’s done, you can foster some animals yourself. Remember: every cent you donate to TARS goes to indirectly helping Saint Dougal’s as well, because it makes it easier for them to find homes for our cats.


Closer to home (or Home), Saint Dougal’s is happy to receive donations to help with the desexing, medical help, care and feeding of our own horde of needy scruff-muffins. We can take donations by PayPal or direct transfer through PayID. We are not a real charity, so we can’t offer tax deductability or credit card processing, but we can offer our thanks, and if you don’t mind we’ll include you on a list of our donors with a message and, if you have one, a suitable photo of you or your cats, to show the world how awesome you are.


Finally, we will be seeking forever-homes for some of our cats, but it’s not as simple as “ship me three tabbies and a void cat with mittens, thanks”. We will enter into conversations with people who want to help us in this way, and if everything goes swimmingly then we’ll all be happy. If anything looks like it’s not working, we’ll say no. Any policy less strict than that would be bad news for our Moggies, and that’s not going to happen.