Full Name: Q7&xMj%0 (“queue seven ampersand ex capital em jay percent zero”)
Nicknames: Q, Mister Q, Qbert, Qt (“cute”), Qpy-poo, Grumpy-Old-Man-Cat, Helpful Kitty, Apple Crumble (discarded).
Arrival: ANZAC Day, 2014.
Origin: Found by friends and donated to us.
Colouring: gray/brown tabby, possum coloured.
Distinguishing features: broken squeaker (he meows like a scratchy recording of a cat), apparent wheat allergy.
Personality: understandably grumpy.
Domain: exclusively inside.  Loves sleeping on my dressing gown.
Status: desexed, chipped and fully vaxxed.
Availability: we’re keeping him.

Q was our first cat, and for many peaceful years our only cat.  Our friends Katie and Chris found him as a bedraggled stray and would have kept him except for the presence of cat allergies in the family.  We took him home and had to think of a name for him; my suggestion of Apple Crumble, based on the dessert that Katie and Chris happened to be eating when we came by, was cruelly ignored, so we came up with a different option (see below).

Q settled in and became our house cat.  He was never hugely demonstrative, but the arrival of the other cats has caused him to strive a little harder for cuddles and pats, though he still prefers to stay out of their way and sleep a lot.  To judge from how he assimilated to the inside-cat lifestyle, he may have been the kitten of a domesticated mother, but he was probably the runt of the litter.  He’s big and floofy now, of course.

Origin of the name

If there’s one thing that never fails to bemuse me about ordinary non-computer-literate people, it’s their relaxed attitude to passwords. I swear that ninety percent of the passwords that people use for their Windows logins and their email are just the names of their pets, current or deceased. One ten minute chat with any Huon Valley native on the subject of animals is usually enough to get all the information you need to break into their computers and steal all their stuff. Which I wouldn’t do, of course, but it’s a worry.  So when it came time for us to get a cat, I felt it was necessary to blend in.  A random password generator was employed, and the name it gave us was Q7&xMj%0. So that became his name.


Although we plan to keep Q, we will happily accept donations in his name to keep him supplied with stinky catfood and the occasional medical checkup.  Or donate to our favourite animal shelter and help them provide cats like Q to other deserving homes.  Read all about it here.